Superior Braces to Straighten Your Unaligned Teeth

Never Hide Your Smile Again

We know that crooked teeth and gaps can make you feel extremely self-conscious of your smile. It is time you stopped hiding your smile. We, at Washtenaw General Dentistry Associates of Ypsilanti, MI., are here to help with any issues that you may have.
No matter where you reside, in Ypsilanti or Ann Arbor, get your appointment scheduled with us to discuss your perfect smile.

Our Braces Can Fix a Range of Issues

Crooked teeth                            Overbite
Crowding                                   Underbite
Spacing                                     Open bite
Protruding upper teeth                Crossbite

Go Beyond Braces

Don't just stick to regular braces, choose ClearCorrect®! This is a remarkable system of invisible aligners which helps straighten teeth comfortably without metal bands, brackets, or wires. The pieces are easily removable, so you can eat, drink, brush, and floss. Call us today!
We always welcome new patients. Call for an appointment.
We know how busy you are during the week, which is why we have convenient appointment schedules for you. Get the latest treatments for teeth correction with state-of-the-art dental technology.
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